Understand the Role of Social Videos in a Business Marketing Campaign

Videos definitely go hand in hand with social media, whether it is platforms that primarily are designed for it such as Vine or YouTube – or others that support it such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Because videos have such an impressive track record of attracting viewers and engaging them they have become attached to the hip to these platforms.

However as a business you need to look at the role social media videos can play in your marketing campaign. Make no mistake not all videos are equal in that regard and in fact it can take on several different forms:

  • Brand exposure and awareness

The most common way in which businesses use videos on social media is to build brand exposure and awareness. By creating videos that have a particular viral quality, it is possible to make the brand name more recognizable. In some cases videos about the business culture and environment can boost the brand image.

  • Lead generation

To accrue more direct benefits, businesses also use videos to generate leads. The shareable nature of videos can be taken advantage of to generate lots of views and then channel them to a website or some other conversion using a link. Different platforms tend to have different ways in which to insert links – but the most universal is in the video description.


  • Content and customer engagement

For businesses that are looking to engage their customers and build relationships, videos can be used as content based on topics of interest. Sometimes the videos can also be used as a knowledgebase or to offer customer support – especially if they take the form of guides or ‘explainer’ videos.

Once you identify the role that you intend to use videos for in your business marketing campaign, you can then structure it accordingly. Seeing as you’re going to be dealing with videos and publishing them on various platforms it would help to have a video file converter such as Movavi Video Converter handy so that you can ensure your videos are in the right format.

It is easy to convert your videos using Movavi Video Converter and the presets will let you automatically use the optimal format and settings for various devices and platforms. On top of that is features will also let you do much more – such as convert image and audio files, enhance the video quality, create animated GIFs, grab screenshots, cut and join segments, insert text, and much more.

Suffice to say Movavi Video Converter is an extremely useful software to have when you’re dealing with media files. In this case it will certainly help you in more ways than one to make sure your videos are prepared for use on social media.

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