Types of Industrial Filters

We are in an era where we are struggling hard to keep a balance between wanted industrialization and much needed environmental check. For this very purpose, industries make sure they have filters to check pollutants being released into the atmosphere. Besides this, filters help ensuring worker health safety in industries.

The need of industrial filters cannot be challenged since industries have to comply with the environment protection measures. Using filters, industries ensure that any element or compound that causes pollution does not get released in the atmosphere. These pollutants are held back using filters while the harmless materials make it out of the industry.

 Besides this, different industries deal in different raw materials and products. The way to getting final product in an industry oftentimes involves the process of filtration. Industries, like food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, and water treatment need industrial filters of various types to yield products.

The very basic function of an industrial filter is to separate particles. This process is called filtration. This process involves separating solids from fluids. Industrial filters enable separating a required component from the one that is not required. Through this process, you can make sure that the waste material does not make it to the vessel that contains the needed material.

Based on the application of the filter, the materials involved, and the filter medium required, there are many types of industrial filters that are used by different industries. A comprehensive list of types of industrial filters has been provided to acquaint you to them.

Air filters

Air filters are the most commonly used type of filters in industries. Since pollution is a serious concern for all industries, they all use this type. These filters are crafted to remove dust and other pollutants from the air. This lets only pure air to pass through the filter into the atmosphere. A specialized type of air filter called “high efficiency particulate air filter” filters out odor too.

Panel filters

Panel filters are used in ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are panel-shaped just as the name suggests. They are available in a variety of strengths. They are basically like air filters that check the quality of air in air conditioning systems by removing dust.

Hydraulic filters

These are used in the industries that need purification of petroleum-based products. Hydraulic filters separate the particles that contaminate the fluid material that the industries make use of. They are also found in the hydraulic systems in order to make sure there’s no breakdown caused by oil contaminants.

Bag filters

These filters have a bag like filtering medium which prevents solid impurities from passing through them. Industries like, paint and ink producing ones make use of these filters.

Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters are cylindrical in shape. They use a barrier method or sift method in order to remove harmful solid impurities from liquid. Besides, some models of these filters are used especially for removing microscopic elements. These filter come in various sizes and shapes according to the need.


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