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Top 3 Credit Monitoring Service Of 2015 That You Must Know

If you seem to be worried about being a victim to identity theft, then this is the right time for you to take actionable steps for protecting yourself. Identity theft is one problem that keeps changing and evolving with technology. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to think that hackers could give up stealing the identities of people. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from such fraudulent activities, then it is important for you to look for the best credit monitoring service 2015. Your focus should mainly be on all-inclusive credit monitoring including identity theft protection. Experts have come up with their very own selection of such services providing the best information and the best offers at the best price. The services selected by experts provide email alerts within 24 hours of any kind of change to the credit report of their clients and most of these services are offered by reputable and large companies. Let us have a look at some of the best services in this category.

Identity Guard

This is probably the best credit monitoring service 2015 currently available throughout the market. It is not only an all-inclusive program working its way towards monitoring credit changes, but it also offers the best ID theft protection across the industry. The Total Protection and Platinum Plans of the company monitor the three main credit bureaus for credit report changes. This helps the clients in making informed fiscal decisions. Apart from this, the company monitors personal information such as the name and the Social Security number of its clients throughout different databases. Identity Guard provides services that can help the victims of identity theft in getting back on their feet fast.

Life lock

Identity theft protection services offered by Lifelock help in proactively safeguarding the credit and the identity of the clients. The company monitors different applications for bank accounts, credit cards and utilities actively within a network. On the detection of any kind of suspicious activity, an alert is sent to the client through phone or email. Lifelock helps in replacing or canceling the contents of a wallet quickly if it goes missing. The company also monitors a large number of black-market sites that serve as perfect locations for the ID thieves to sell and buy stolen information. Clients are alerted if their personal information is found on these sites.

Identity Force

This is another best credit monitoring service 2015 that monitors the credit bureaus and sends alerts to its clients via mail if there are any changes in their credit reports. The clients get a monthly statement that helps them in remaining informed of everything that is going on with their credit files. Coming to the identity protection field, the company offers different varieties of tools needed for protecting personal information. It offers comprehensive credit monitoring that comes with features that keep tabs on address changes, credit reports, sex offender lists, court records and payday loans.

However, you must also look for options that offer affordable credit monitoring service. There are even services that offer credit reports and credit scores to their clients, So it is advised to choose the best credit monitoring service which suits your need completely.

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