Things to know about the kissel ventures

Simon kissel has established the kissel ventures in the year of 2011 as a logical sequence to the past actions. At the age of 17 the first computer shop of kissel has opened and he has founded the computer man in the year of 1997 which is latter become the leading chat server in the world. He has survived the bust and DotCom boom. He has followed the technical ideas to revolutionize company’s broad band connection. The growth rates of the kissel are more than 250 percent per annum. In this source, 30 employees are working to bonding the internet connection. Here, the thousands of routers are deployed in this source. There are plenty of sources available for the people to know about Simon Kissel and kissel ventures. If you want to know more about this source and service, visit the official website of this him.

Routed networking of Simon

Simon kissel is the founder of the Viprinet and he has become the back of creation of this Viprinet. To get the reliable connection, he had recall the channel bonding solution but no one met his requirements. But, he wanted to connect the multiple channels and pass the information to the people across any kind of connection. Here, latency is the problem that had been met by Simon. But, he made the connection between the two Viprinet routers. Exactly what can this Viprinet do? The answer of this question is listed below.

  • It give the mobile internet for the vehicle such as trains, mobile broad cast unites and buses.
  • Also it gives the mobile internet at home like telemedicine and e-health.
  • It also offers the reliable internet for the industry like VPN, M2M and site to site.

Kissel ventures

A Kissel venture is the company which is founded by the Simon kissel. This company which is located in the BingenamRhein invests and this source is mainly concentrating on the ICT sector. Along with the high degree of the professional competence and the smart capital, they accompany the startups to do the new innovation launch successfully. They also start to offer the location and startups for the entrepreneur along with the total care.

The kissel ventures are always approaching like the rational investment. The CEO and the founder of the kissel ventures is Simon kissel and he described himself as the nerd and he has been working this company for more than twenty years and also he has working in the It environment as an maker and inventor in the business. The highest possible thinking and the matter of the critical thinking are the handicraft their company. They have organized the IT trends timely besides running behind the publicities. This is the main reason for this success in their business and that helps him to stand by with this IT environment. They are committed to do the innovative work with this kissel ventures and they will not touch the project what they cannot do and no idea about that topic.

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