Things to Consider when Choosing Manufacturing Insurance

If you ruin a business at some point you will need to consider which is the right manufacturing insurance policy for your needs.  This is sometimes not properly considered until you need to make a claim on the insurance cover you have.  However, it is essential to decide what cover is appropriate before anything happens; this will ensure you are prepared and your business can continue manufacturing and trading largely undisturbed.

To ensure you get the right manufacturing insurance policy for your needs it is essential to consult with a qualified and experienced broker.  They will do more than just provide you with a quote for general liability issues.  They should also explore the needs of the business and what issues you could encounter to ensure you have the right type and level of cover for the business.


It can be broadly broken down into a number of areas of manufacturing insurance:

  • Property cover; this ensures your buildings can be repaired or replaced as well as your equipment. It also covers injury to others due harmed in or around your property.
  • General liability covers you against claims regarding your operating procedures and injuries to staff and other people.
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Compensation for workers when unable to work due to an injury.
  • Business continuation is an essential part of any manufacturing insurance policy. This ensures you are able to continue trading, even if you need to find new premises.  The policy will help cover the costs of running the business whilst you establish a new manufacturing centre or rebuild the existing one.
  • Business owner Policy is one part of a manufacturing insurance policy which is often overlooked. This will help to protect you and your personal assets from any issue with the business.

Before you sign up to a policy you will need to consider whether you need all the elements of the policies listed above; your broker should help you decide.  You may wish to consider the following points before you choose your manufacturing insurance policy:

  • Cost and level of cover; this is an essential comparison. No matter how good the policy is it must be at a price which is affordable to the business; you will need to consider which, if any, of the elements of your cover can be left.
  • The reputation of the broker and their experience regarding handling claims made by manufacturing companies. Selling the insurance is relatively easy; a reputable firm will have the knowledge and experience to handle any situation you find yourself in. You should be able to check their references regarding past experiences and current clients.
  • The flexibility of their approach and their willingness to adapt to you and your needs. You do not need to be their biggest client in order to get a high quality service.


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