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Strategies to Avoid Accidental Tax Fraud


Though you may not realize it, there is a way for you to legally save some money on your taxes. Of course, there are some illegal methods of saving money in this area, as well, but these are of course unethical and quite risky. If you are caught cheating on your taxes you could face hefty punishment.It is important for you to be able to distinguish between the practices of tax avoidance and tax evasion. Tax avoidance is a perfectly legit way to lower how much you pay in business taxes every year, and it is an encouraged method of saving money on your taxes. Tax evasion, on the other hand, is not permitted by law.  If you need some legal assistance or if you have tax legal problems already, you may need to contact a tax lawyer firm such as Attorneys Tax Relief for help.

Tax Avoidance

Tax avoidance is a relatively common practice among business entities. Though the name may appear to be a bit misleading, it is perfectly legit and even encouraged by the government. Through tax avoidance, you don’t completely skip out of paying all your business taxes; instead, you capitalize on the various deductions and loopholes available.

There are several ways that you can carry out tax avoidance. Many companies opt to invest chunks of their money in municipal bonds, which are not taxable. Depending on how much money they choose to invest, they may be able to reduce their taxes significantly. Another common tactic is to form a separate entity in an offshore jurisdiction, where corporate taxes are not applied.

Finally, owners of the company can avoid taxes by donating all their personal assets to the business. Because the corporation owns all the money you make, you will not be subject to the affiliated personal taxes. They may still have to pay corporate taxes, however.

Tax Evasion

You should be aware of what tax evasion is, so that you don’t accidentally engage in this illegal practice in your efforts to lower your taxes. This is considered to be a form of fraud, so even if you save a lot of money when you start off, when you are caught you will face high fines and years in federal prison. You commit tax evasion when you purposefully avoid, without the presence of a loophole, paying your tax obligations – either personal or corporate, or both.

Attorneys Tax Relief

Buying a used vehicle is a fantastic way to save money on everything from taxes to dealership fees to manufacturer’s costs. Unfortunately, it can also be a discouraging way to put yourself at risk for fraud.

Tax relief is a tax break or possible write-offs given to individuals and businesses. Simply put, it is a reduction in the required tax amount or due payments. Country, local or federal relief is possible. In the tax breaks are usually in conjunction with the mandated federal taxes. The government is the supervising entity that offers this to its citizens.

What are possible reasons for filing?

There are various reasons why individuals might need or desire tax relief. Some people might be unable to settle all taxes imposed due to losing a job. People who suddenly experience gaining a lower income may also need a tax break as he or she might not afford to pay entire tax dues because of current financial hardship.

This is also available if a person becomes a disaster victim. If a person, for instance, becomes a victim of a natural calamity such as a hurricane or severe tropical storm, then the individual may file for a tax break.


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