To become a leading entrepreneur is the goal and the aim of much number of peoples in the universe and it is not an easy task too and one needs to spend their time and skills in becoming a best and leading personality. Continuous hard work and the goal of winning make one to go to higher places.

There are many famous personalities present and one of the well know entrepreneur is Brandon Steven, he is a car dealership person he used to sell a new or the used cars in the long range and he had the interest in doing the car related works from his childhood and he repaired and designed some of the car designs in the market and he is known for his award winning dealer ship.

He have created his interest in playing the games and he like playing all the traditional games and all he like playing the casino games and the casino games can be played with more number of peoples and he enjoyed the fun and the thrill of playing the gambling games too at his leisure times and he spend some sort of his money and gain it back by his stunning play.


This great man is born in the year 1973 July 25 and as a child he played many games and he went to the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois and he have a brother named Rodney and he is already attending with the tennis scholarship and he have graduated with a degree in the marketing field and he have awarded as a distinguished seniors award and that is not awarded to all and to only twenty five peoples nearly. He has no preference regarding his college and he has showed his interest in earning the money and he has many other thoughts regarding how to earn and how to become a leading entrepreneur.

The Brandon got married to the Karen Steven and have six children’s named to be Lauren, Lexis, Landry, Brandon and Leighton and he always spend some time with his family members and he plays the gambling games and provides the money to the charity and also to his children’s in buying the gifts and he played the game well and earned money in that too.


There are many great skills present with him and he created the Genesis foundation and he got many good and best benefits regarding to it and it is created in order to help the needed peoples and also they provide a physical fitness and this practice helps the people to keep their health fit and also healthy. This foundation provides physical fitness and wide range of great benefits to the people.

He have done great business and have succeed in all his business activities and also he invested money in the real estate business, trust, foundation and also in many other business related activities and he gained big gain and shinned in his various fields and helped the youngsters and many other family for their growth.

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