The Single Most Important Reason to Hire a DUI Lawyer


The laws regarding DUI have gotten stricter and, depending on the state where you are charged, you may not even realize that you can be pulled over and charged after a single drink that you had with dinner. Someone who has previously been charged with driving under the influence may have some idea of what is in store. But for the person who is facing their first arrest, making the wrong decisions can have severe consequences. The time to call a DUI lawyer is in the beginning, before any of the decisions have been made.

How a DUI Charge Can Impact You for the Rest of Your Life

The single most important reason to hire a DUI lawyer is to prevent a DUI charge from becoming a permanent part of your record. It will cause you to pay higher insurance premiums and may even cause you to lose your insurance. Your record could cause you to be passed over for a job or entrance into an educational program. No matter how long you continue to be a safe driver, the charge will be a part of your permanent record.


The first time you are charged with a DUI, it is a first-degree misdemeanor. Repeated offenses become felonies. If you are considering pleading guilty to your first DUI charge instead of hiring a DUI lawyer to defend you, there is one important fact to keep in mind: If you were charged this time, there is no reason to believe the same thing can’t happen again in the future. When it does, the previous charge will be sitting there on your record, waiting to take you to the next level of punishment. The DUI lawyers at Alva & Shuttleworth explain that while a first offense usually comes with a small fine, up to 6 months of probation, alcohol highway safety school and alcohol treatment, a second offense will result in the suspension of your driver’s license, higher fines, and potential jail time.

How a DUI Lawyer Can Help

Driving under the influence is a common charge and attorneys who specialize in this area of the law are familiar with the state laws and procedures that law officials must follow. When there are errors made in the process and in the way the breathalyzer was administered, the lawyer may be able to get the charges dropped. They may also be able to prove that the equipment used had not been adequately calibrated and could have potentially given a false reading.

Another option is to have the charge reduced to a less significant one such as reckless driving to prevent you from the penalties that a DUI conviction would impose. A DUI lawyer may also be able to negotiate for lighter penalties.

Anyone who is charged with DUI for the first time or for repeated offenses should always call a DUI lawyer to protect their rights and lessen the impact that any DUI charge will have on their record and on the rest of their lives.

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