Several types of wood biomass fuels available in the market

Global warming is considered as a biggest threat for human beings and to the world in general. The cause for it, as we all know, is the use of fossil fuels. Nothing would have happened if countries would have used them in careful proportions, but over usage has led to global warming and people are looking for alternative ways to survive from extinction. The best alternative found so far is the tradition idea of wood pellets for fuel and many regions are already taking measures to ensure that the people implement this for a better future. Biomass fuels are either made of wood or with animal wastes. While animal wastes are mostly made of the excretions of the animals, wood fuels are from various sources as one can learn from below:

  1. Residues from the forest

Forests are in a great threat of fire because of the dry wooden chips or logs spread across the area. This fact is a very nervous one for the forest department as well, because one cannot expect when a fire will emerge and it is very difficult to move through the forest and stop the fire. Fortunately, biomass fuel companies like Ecostrat fuel supply will go into the forest and collect the residues clean out of the forest. This ensures that the forest management is simple for the officials and there are less chances of fire.


  1. Residues from the mill

Only the high quality wood is used in the mills for production and if any wood is found to be with fewer standards, they will have to remove it from use. The wood pellet suppliers will collect such wood along with hog fuel, saw dust and wood chips to make them into biomass fuel. This would help the mills to be eased off from the burden of wasting any time one removing the remnants and byproducts.

  1. Residues from agriculture

To move on from one crop to the next, farmers have to burn the unnecessary growth or remnants in the field after harvesting. The remnants accumulated will grow to a large quantity and can be converted into wood pellets for fuel.

  1. Urban wood wastes

In residential areas, especially cities, after the completion of building a house or using wood for any other purpose, the remaining wood is left without taking any care. They are dumped into the recycling centers and there is no one who would use them for a good purpose. However, the wood pellet suppliers collect them and they will amass into a huge quantity; they will use the wood to make wood chips.

  1. Miscellaneous

In recent times, there is growing demand for biomass fuel; therefore, people are growing crops or trees that grow quickly and produce suitable for the use as biomass fuel. This is an easy method as every part of the plant can be used to make the fuel. In paper industry, the fiber is extracted from the pulp and they are mixed in chemicals. By using an extraction process, one can remove the fiber and residues from the chemicals and use it for the production of biomass fuel.

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