Settling Things The Easiest Way

It is hard to prevent conflicts. It contributes to the total equilibrium of things in this world. Without conflicts, it will be a strange world to live in. Problems and disputes are giving a whole new meaning to life. We learn how to deal with these things. Our ability to think critically is enhanced when we are faced with challenges and life dilemmas. Conflicting ideas are actually a good source of food for the mind. It helps us find a way out of a sticky situation without causing too much harm to both parties. Challenging our minds with things like these is good. Imagine how much our brain is sharpened when we find our way out of all these twists and turns. But there are certain events that we can’t control. Those are the ones that push through a legal case. And that is really one of the situations we don’t want to be in.

Legal cases are common to disputes that got out of hand. Usually, those who’ve crossed a lot of meter beyond the boundary of being nice and being evil are susceptible for this one. This is not a nice event to be experienced. It takes a lot of money from the pocket to keep a case to push through until a decision has been made. We wouldn’t want to lose all those hard earned cash just to prove that we are correct and all. Actually, there are alternative methods to costly legal procedures that we can choose from. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the best possible way of solving law cases that are not that heavy. ADR is divided into two subcategories. One of which is arbitration.


Arbitration is an ADR that involves both parties agreeing that an arbitrator (it can be one or more) will study the case and come up with a decision. It is a less expensive way of resolving a dispute. It also consumes less time which makes it more viable than the actual court procedures. What’s good about having an arbitrator to command such cases is that there is no need for an expensive court hearing to happen. It can all end with a fair and neutral discussion among the arbitrators and the people involved. We all know how grueling and costly it is to file a case in the court. It will take so much time too. Arbitration is surely a fast way to end disputes.

So what happens in arbitration? The arbitration process begins with filing arbitration where details of the situation are completely exposed. From then on, the other party will have a chance to state their side and accept the claim. This is where a list of possible arbitrators to handle the claim that later on leads to a prehearing conference among themselves. After this, both parties must exchange documents that support their claims before a hearing can proceed. After everything has been set, both parties and the arbitrator/s will then meet to talk things out until a decision is finally reached. This decision must be agreed by both parties without any hesitations or counterattacks. It is a shorter process and most definitely faster than the normal court hearing.


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