Why Self-Service Portals Are Crucial for Your Business

Independent customers make up more than 50 percent of the customers you have in your database. Such people are customers who like to solve their problems by themselves and avoid calling customer service as much as possible. Employees appreciate when they can do perform certain tasks by themselves, as well. Consumers and employees have a variety of reasons for not wanting to contact anyone about their issues, questions and concerns. What’s important is that your establishment has a reliable self-service portal for them to reference. Here’s why:

Consumer Anxiety

Self-Service Portals Ease Consumer Anxiety

Self-service portals can give your customers a sense of security. They know that they have access to reliable employee self-service portals and a customer self-service portal solution. Knowing that the solution is available will keep them relaxed at all times because they will know that they are not restricted to business hours for their communications.

Instant Gratification

Portals Can Provide Instant Gratification

We live in times when people want the answers to all of their questions immediately. They want immediate problem solutions, as well. The average consumer hangs up and become angry after 13 minutes of waiting, according to a report that Business Insider placed. Some consumers don’t even come close to the 13 minutes before they become upset enough to launch a bad-business campaign. The self service portal system provides instant gratification to customers and workers, which builds their confidence, releases tension and increases loyalty. You can appease your staff and your customers at the same time by implementing this special software.

Business Money

Self-Service Portals Save Your Business Money

What better reason to employ a employee self service portals customer self service portal than to save your business money? You will begin saving your business money immediately because you will not have to hire as many workers or pay so much in overtime hours. The increase in savings will allow you the ability to bring your customer service and employee tools to an even higher level.

Customer Satisfaction Numbers

Self-Service Portals Improve Customer Satisfaction Numbers

Satisfied customers are loyal customers, and self-service portals provide customers with what they need to get by. Every customer who leaves an interaction with your business satisfied is a customer who can potentially refer your business to other people. The employee self service portals customer self service portal is an excellent marketing tool in that aspect.

Interaction Quality

Portals Increase Interaction Quality

Portals increase interaction quality even though the people who use them do not directly communicate with people. For example, employees are more likely to discover news and finance information about the business if they have access to a self-serve portal. Customers are more likely to leave feedback and ratings if they are prompted to do such in the portal, as well.

Portals Spare Paper

Employee Portals Spare Paper

Another benefit of using portals is that they spare paper. You benefit the economy any time you implement a system that does not require its use. If you upgrade to employee self service portals customer self service portal, you can truly tell your customers and employees that your business has gone green.

Shoppers appreciate eco-friendly businesses. You may just see an increase in the purchases and interaction that you see from other businesses because of your eco-friendly choices. That is just another reason that you should invest in employee self service portals customer self service portal.

Managerial Duties

Employee Portals Decrease Managerial Duties

One of the biggest plights of managerial workers is that they never have enough hours in the day to conduct their most important tasks. The investment that you put toward self-service portals can save the managers time because they can skip many tasks. You will cut down the amount of time they have to spend with customer resolutions because the software can handle a big chunk of it. You can minimize the amount of red tape that managers have to go through with employees, as well. The portals will increase the the manager’s’ productivity and availability.

Make the Investment

Are You Ready to Make the Investment?

You can get started with a self-service database today. Make sure that you choose a reliable option that has been proven as a success in the past. That way, you don’t lose a penny of what you put forth for your company. Start empowering your employees and consumers today.


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