Save Money with Border Collie Insurance

A pet can be a wonderful addition to any family, especially a dog who has the energy to keep up with growing children. The Border Collie is an energetic and smart dog capable of learning many tricks. However, they do have certain diseases specific to their breed, as do most purebred dogs.

Health of Breed

When you get a Border Collie puppy, you can anticipate him or her living on average 10 to 15 years as long as he or she is well cared for. However, they can develop health problems specifically associated with their breed. Many Border Collies can have hip dysplasia because they may have hip joints which formed incorrectly. This condition can lead to arthritis and pain and cause the dogs to limp.

Eye problems are common with this breed such as progressive retinal atrophy, which can lead to blindness; lens luxation, the formal name for a dislocated lens; or Collie eye anomaly (CED), which is caused by a chromosomal mutation and can lead to detached retinas in both eyes. Some of these issues can be prevented if caught in time and you can find out if a puppy has them by checking his or her veterinary records or having him or her examined.

There are surgical treatments to minimise the effects or prevent certain types of CED and to help relocate the lenses if they become luxated. As long as these conditions are treated early, the dog’s vision can be saved. However, surgical treatments can be expensive, but if you have Border Collie pet insurance, most of the costs should be covered.

Saving Money with Insurance

Even if your dog or cat doesn’t develop any of his or her breed’s health issues, the cost of his or her care can still mean paying out hundreds of dollars at a time. While older dogs will only need to be seen by their vets for annual checkups, inoculations, or illnesses or injuries, puppies must be seen every few weeks. They have certain vaccinations they’ll need as they grow to protect them from preventable diseases such as distemper, parvovirus, rabies, or influenza.

Along with vaccinations, they will need to be dewormed and treated for fleas and ticks so they don’t get diseases from being bitten. Puppies also tend to chew things they shouldn’t, so they may need to see the vet if they become ill or experience blockages caused by eating objects. With pet insurance, many of these expenses will be covered and your costs will be minimal.

Major Medical Coverage

While most of your dog’s needs will be met with routine care coverage, many policies also have a major medical insurance option. Major medical would cover surgeries for hereditary or congenital conditions such as a Border Collie’s eye conditions. It may also cover care required from specialists, after-hours veterinary care, tick paralysis, hospitalisation, and cancer treatments, among other services.

A pet becomes a special part of a family and his or her health is of utmost importance to his or her owners. With an insurance policy, taking good care of your dog will be much more affordable and help prolong his or her life.

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