What You Really Need in a Divorce Attorney


Going through a divorce evokes a lot of emotions in the involved spouses. This is often even truer in contested divorces where both spouses are not willing to end the marriage. When couples with children divorce, there are even more issues that must be dealt with that are also likely to last because of the interaction of both parents with their children. While their first thought may be to hire a highly aggressive divorce attorney to defend them in court, this is not always the best way to reach a resolution that is good for everyone involved.

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Divorce Attorney/Mediator

One of the most valuable things to look for in an attorney is to find someone who is experienced both at litigation in the courtroom and mediation. This is especially true for couples with children. Although the couple will no longer be married, they will continue to be their children’s parents for the rest of their lives. Kansas City divorce attorney Shannon Sorensen tells divorcing clients with children that the most important benefit of divorce mediation is for them to “work as a team now so that they can continue to do so in the future.”

There are numerous advantages to mediation, including:

  • Lower Cost
  • Faster Resolution
  • Control Over the Outcome
  • Greater Privacy
  • Keeps Children a Priority

For many couples, even when a divorce is contested, the advantages of mediation make it worth the effort to try and negotiate a settlement outside of the courtroom. While mediation is successful a large portion of the time, there are some cases where a resolution simply can’t be reached. When that happens, the couple will need to go forward with litigation.

In both litigation and mediation, the divorce attorney you choose will need to have a great deal of experience practicing family law in your area. Laws related to divorce and its many associated issues differ from one state to the next. Always look for an attorney who has spent a number of years practicing law and serving as mediator to ensure they have the skills you need to get the best potential outcome for your divorce case regardless of the process you choose.

Listen to What Other Clients Have to Say

No one needs a divorce attorney who simply thinks of them as another client. Look at attorney websites and read customer testimonials to find out which attorneys take the time to get to know each client and their unique situation. While there are characteristics that are similar among divorces, there are also important differences that need to be considered during the process. Clients who have had a positive experience with an attorney will want to share their experience with others.

Fees and Payments

The fact is that different attorneys charge a variety of fees and have different methods of collecting them. Don’t be afraid to ask about fees and payment methods when considering any attorney. If they are out of your price range and their fees would place a financial burden on you, they aren’t the right divorce attorney for you.

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