All You Need to Learn About Chrome Plating Process

The Chrome plating is basically used on the bicycles made of steel and it’s the process in which a metal layer is applied on another surface of metal. This is done by the method of attraction of electro chemical that takes place in a bath of immersion.

Steps for chrome plating

There are a number of steps to complete this process that is as follows:
Clean the metal surface
Firstly, it’s important to clean all the coatings of paint or grease on the part. If any coat or paint has been applied on the part before, you’re required to remove the old painting. You can do this by dipping the part into anacid to de-plate it by set backing the current to draw the metal ions to the cathode from the metal surface. In this process, an etched surface is left that looks dull.

Coat and polish the metal
Next, the polish must be applied on the metal part to a sheen and it’s a tedious process. Not only this, it’s also a process intensive for labor that uses lathes that are powerful and tools that are mainly adapted for these frames. Some people think that it’s necessary to polish the part before applying the chrome.

Repeat the cleaning process
After this, you’ve to again meticulously clean the part and then immerse it for plating. Basically, the nickel is used for doing the plating. After all this, finally, the chrome plating is done as a last coating.

Bake the part
In next step, the parts are baked for removing the embrittlement of hydrogen which may have taken place in plating.

Cover the part that remains exposed
Then, the masking tape is used and applied on the areas that remain exposed and then it’s precisely cut. You’re then required to provide protection to the masking tape to be painted. If you frost the chrome surface, it ‘ll naturally increase the adhesion of paint.

Trim the edges and make the part decorative
Once you’re done with painting, the making is completely removed and the trim the edges precisely using a knife. This plating is called as the chrome plating that always involves the plating nickel before plating the chrome.

The actual appearance
When you’ll look at the decorated surface of chromium plating, you’ll actually see the nickel. The chrome adds a cast of blue color that minimizes the risk of getting scratches and protects it from tarnish. But without the good quality of undercoating that’s done using the nickel, you won’t get a decorative and reflective surface.

Final words
Chrome plating includes the polishing the metal and buffing it. This tedious process is followed by copper buffing, cleaning and dipping into acid again and again, and plating using two or three different types of solution of nickel plating, all this is done before the plating with chrome.
When an item needs to be chromed, it involves the stripping the chrome, nickel, and then polishing it properly to remove all the pits.


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