Do you Make these 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes?

Email marketing hasn’t gone anywhere, but the continual launch of newer social media tools has very naturally relegated it to the backseat for many marketers today. It is true that many of the newer tools are flashier and easier to format for use. For certain demographics, such tools may even be the optimal choice.

However, 76 percent of email marketers today say that their lists are growing, which means email hasn’t lost a single bit of its ability to pack a powerful punch. Of course, if you do plan to use email for marketing purposes, be sure to avoid these 5 common email marketing mistakes!

Mistake 1: Not segmenting out user lists from the get-go.

Seasoned marketers know that email marketing is not the only tool that is alive and well today. List segmentation (aka the sales funnel) retains its equally viable place in a marketer’s toolkit.

Send the wrong type of email to the wrong type of prospect and you can watch that sales funnel shrivel right up in front of your eyes. But segment your list effectively and you can carefully nurture leads at different stages of interest all the way up until they finally make that exciting first purchase.

Mistake 2: Not offering users who unsubscribe a menu of additional options.

Failure to segment your marketing list has more ramifications than just turning off potential prospects who are interested but nowhere near ready to buy. When those prospects go to unsubscribe, what they see next can determine whether you are ever able to connect with them a second time.

Your segmented list gives you an opportunity to invite them to unsubscribe from one type of email communications but continue to receive other emails you send. For instance, maybe new prospects you’ve just added to your list don’t want to receive the general “how to” emails (since, after all, they haven’t even bought your product yet) but they are eager to receive emails that contain coupons, discounts and deals news.

By giving unsubscribes a choice when they opt out, you get another shot at staying in touch that still might eventually lead to the action you are hoping for, whether that is volunteering for an upcoming nonprofit campaign, purchasing a product or service or upgrading to VIP membership.

Mistake 3: Not studying campaign analytics carefully.

Campaign analytics can tell you what worked and what didn’t, as well as what to do less or more of in the future. Just as Google Analytics can give you data on how your website is performing, so too can your email campaign manager’s analytics tell you how your email campaigns are doing once they leave your inbox and reach their end destination.

When you fail to study the analytics of each campaign, you risk doing the same wrong things over and over while wondering why your marketing isn’t working the way it should. You also spend precious time and energy and activities that can actually end up harming your business over time.

Mistake 4: Not using personalization effectively.

In today’s high tech and highly impersonal communication style, a bit of well-timed and well-planned personal touches are never out of place. Personalization can incent a prospect to open a marketing email that might otherwise get relegated to the round file. Appropriate personalization can also encourage further interactions, including sharing, forwarding and spending.

In contrast, randomly applied personalization tends to have the exact opposite effect. Here is an example: let’s say you just added a bunch of new prospects to your email list. But you haven’t yet verified each new prospect’s first name (including the spelling) or honorific and last name. Not letting these details stop you, you format a personalized email campaign letter and hit “send.”

One-quarter of the new prospects get a letter assigning them a name that isn’t theirs, while another one-quarter get a letter with the wrong honoric. Guess what this half of your new prospects are likely to do? (If you guessed unsubscribe, you are correct.)

Mistake 5: Not seeking recipient feedback.

Asking what you can do better is always welcomed. While it is true that often people today feel over-surveyed, when you ask for the right reasons and ask the right questions, prospects will be happy to share their insights.

By avoiding these 5 common email marketing mistakes, you lower your risk of losing subscribers and increase your chances of gaining new subscribers.


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