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Welcome to the heart of our product program. Scaffolding – that is what we call and we do that. In this category, you will find everything about scaffolding: various scaffolding, scaffolding systems, accessories, roof constructions and much more.

We are particularly proud of the façade framework. We are able to offer a very broad assortment since we can offer the complete facade scaffolding program of the company. That is why we have all the parts of the framework. Scaffolding builders and scaffolding in warehouses, high-rise buildings, bridges, festival platforms – wherever other works have to be done at inaccessible heights: facades are installed, walls plastered, steel struts installed, electric cables laid, loudspeakers and lighting installed.

The scaffolding builders build the appropriate framework. They transport the scaffolding parts to the construction site and load them with lifting devices. Then they prepare the stand so that the scaffold is also on a safe ground later. They check the pipes, joints, and beams, assemble them and fasten them to the building. The individual levels connect them to ladders until finally the final height is reached. They then bring tarpaulins or nets, for example. Pedestrians are protected from falling building material. They strictly adhere to all safety regulations in their work, as this is the only way to provide the scaffolding with sufficient safety and prevent accidents. If all subsequent work on the building has been carried out, the scaffolding builders are rebuilding everything from a technical point of view, checking and waiting for the individual parts. http://burflex.co.uk/ is one of the best scaffolding companies UK.

– Framework: The classic scaffolding

We offer new scaffolds, which are used in a classical way for façade, renovation or removal work. If you are interested in used material, please look for the “used” part of our shop. We would be happy to advise you on the various scaffolding systems.

– Special constructions made of scaffolding material

In addition to the classic applications, scaffolding and scaffolding constructions are also an excellent “kit” to build all kinds of constructions around home and company. We would be pleased to find something for you.

– Aluminum scaffolding or steel scaffolding

You should always consider which material you would like to build the scaffolding. While aluminum components can have a great advantage in the field of weight, steel parts with price line and their robust design can score.

– Scaffolding part wanted

The great diversity of the offer presents us with the challenge to present the components and packages so that you can find the desired one as directly as possible. For this purpose, we have developed a very complex button system to guide you through the assortment. Nevertheless, it may be that we have not set parts as you would expect. Feel free to contact us if you do not find something. You can assume that we can help you as a rule.

http://burflex.co.uk/ is one of the best scaffolding companies UK, there are various other services which they are offering along with the scaffolding.

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