Should You Be Looking For A Prenuptial Agreement Attorney In Boca Raton?


Many people believe that having a prenuptial agreement is only for the wealthiest individuals who want to protect their assets if the relationship should end quickly. What many of them do not realize is that talking over the situation with a prenuptial agreement attorney in Boca Raton is a good idea for couples with any amount or types of assets as well as liabilities. The attorneys at Schuttler, Greenberg & Mullins explain that having a prenuptial agreement can do almost anything other limiting child support or determining custody and visitation since these matters are always determined based on what is best for the children.

A prenuptial agreement attorney in Boca Raton can create an agreement that you both sign prior to marriage to determine if one spouse or the other will receive spousal support in the event of divorce. With 40 to 50% of first marriages, and even more second marriages, ending in divorce, a prenuptial agreement provides a safety net that prevents couples from going through the anguish of deciding to stay in an unhappy marriage they can’t afford to get out of.


How enforceable is a prenuptial agreement?

If both people are honest and forthcoming with their financial situation when they visit the prenuptial agreement attorney in Boca Raton, the agreement should be enforceable. Only if the circumstances are not well thought out or one spouse has not been honest can the agreement be challenged.

Separating Marital from Non-Marital Property

In the event of a divorce, the courts will determine what is marital property and divide it between the two spouses according to the law. If one spouse owns a home, has a stake in a family business, or owns valuable personal property when going into the marriage, a prenuptial agreement will help prevent any confusion over what was acquired during the marriage. This can even include an inheritance that you will receive in the future.

Planning for All Your Children

The high number of divorces today also means that there are many spouses entering into second, third, or later marriages with children from their previous relationships. Failing to have a prenuptial agreement could also mean leaving those children out when you pass on. A prenup will ensure they get their fair share of your inheritance when you are gone.

The Other Side of the Coin

It isn’t just the assets that are considered marital property. When you marry someone who is deeply in debt, their obligation becomes yours as well. Creditors may come after you or try to seize marital property as payment. A prenup can help you avoid losing your assets to pay for your spouse’s debts.

Many individuals feel that suggesting going to a prenuptial agreement attorney in Boca Raton will cause issues of mistrust between them and their soon-to-be spouse. In reality, having important decisions made while you are feeling compassionate and caring towards the other person can give both spouse’s peace of mind that they will achieve a fair resolution to their marriage if it should end in divorce.


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