Know whether you have PPI to claim the money if it is mis-sold to you

The lack of money and insufficiency of funds to buy some important things happens to every person. When the person fells in to situation that he or she is running short of money the person goes for availing loan. There are different types of loan like vehicle loan, personal loan, educational loan, mortgage loan, housing loan and other loans offered to the borrower with list of terms and conditions. The borrower avails the loan with the condition that he or she should repay the loan amount with in a stipulated time and has to pay the rate of interest to the lender in installments. Availing the loan from the public bank or private bank is not a problem as there are many easy ways available through online and offline. But the major problem that happens widely for the borrowers is that the lenders mis-sold PPI to the borrowers. It is payment protection insurance sold to the borrower as insurance as a protection so that to manage any situations like the borrower becomes unable to pay the money back due to illness, sickness, accident or loss of job and income. Have I got ppi is the major question from the customers who have loans as they are looking for reclaiming the money they have paid for PPI.

Cases reported

There has been many cases reported that the borrowers who have availed loan and credit card facilities have been mis-sold with PPI and even though they have settled the loan completely they incur loss of money that have paid for PPI. The sole reason for PPI is to protect the payment only when the borrower becomes unable to repay the money. It is advised to know that whether the borrower has got PPI mis-sold to them so that they can reclaim the money. If the borrower does not show any interest in this then the bank will not consider about in at any point. The borrower should check about the PPI status of the loan they have and if they have then they can apply for claiming PPI they have paid for.


Hire Claims management

For claiming the PPI back there are a lot of paper works to be done procedurally which will be difficult to do if we don’t know the procedures properly. For this we have to trust claims management who will help us to get the PPI back with proper procedures. The first step of the claims management is to help you to find whether you have PPI for the loans you have. If you have been mis-sold with PPI coverage then they will proceed the procedures regarding claiming.

Those who have tried on own have failed to get the money they have paid for PPI because it involves much number of steps. The claims management service knows what to do as they are experienced in claims not only PPI claims but also all other claims. They help you to prepare the papers regarding claiming PPI using which you can process the claim without hassles.

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