Invest in Office Space in Bangalore Incentives for New Startups

Bangalore is the third most populous city in India. It is considered as the “Silicon Valley of India”. With an economy of $43 to $83 million it ranks fourth most productive in India. It has over 10,000 millionaires with a net investment surplus of Rs 45 million and over 60, 000 super-rich people who have investment worth of at least Rs 5 million.

Well-connected to the business world

Due to its intricate links to the business world, Bangalore remains one of the centres for business investments. The well-developed transportation network helps the businesses connect with the services seamlessly. All this has contributed to the growth of this city as a business hub in the Indian market.

Growth in demand for office space

The rapid expansion in businesses has led to the demand for office space. New businesses have difficulty finding economical offices for running their business. The space within the city proper has all been occupied. New real estate developers have come up with novel solutions to this problem. One such is the plug and play office space in Bangalore.

Need for plug and play offices

The plug-and-play office is not a novelty but a reality that many new businesses look up to. The reason is that these offices have lower expenses by way of rent and establishment charges and do not require any big sum of money to get the business going. Further, they have the latest amenities that any modern office would need.

Useful links to dealer networks

The location of the offices in the centre of Bangalore helps new business ventures to connect to the network of dealers and suppliers effortlessly. Being in the centre of a business locality, they have all the amenities needed for the functioning of a modern office.

Benefits of the plug and play office

The main aspect that makes the shared office space so attractive is that the business enterprises do not have to bear a big burden in the form of office rentals and establishment overheads. In addition, they get the fully furnished office along with the standard office amenities.

For instance, the business rents 10 chairs for 12 months and pays Rs 2.4 lakh. If they rent a regular office they would have to pay five to six times this amount. They get office space for 10 people and the use of the water cooler and cafeteria. The building provides 24×7 broadband connectivity along with workstations. The building has security and cameras for surveillance.

Investing in infrastructure of this scale would involve a sum of Rs10-15 lakh. Considering that, the plug-n-play offices seem to provide a cheaper alternative that is more workable for new start-ups. The best office spaces available are located at Jayanagar 9 Block, Indiranagar, HSR layout Sector 2, and Kammanahalli. You get 2-150 workstations or office chairs for your team. The price ranges from Rs 69 – Rs 6000 per month per chair or workstation. You can arrange the workspaces to suit your requirements.

Use of these fully furnished and serviced plug ‘n’ play offices has contributed to the overnight growth of many business ventures. Using the customizable solutions, the businesses can select just the right configuration they need. This helps keep the overhead costs down and raise the performance of the office team to new heights.

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