An introduction about bail bond


Getting arrested is a harrowing experience that one can never forget, that too if you are innocent. Depending on the seriousness of the alleged offense, the accused may be offered immediate bail. Bail bonds are a kind of insurance policy that is taken out to ensure that the defendant shows up for his court date. Since most people are accused of a crime come to court on the scheduled date at the scheduled time, binding out is a fairly common practice. There are even businesses that lend people money to cover these costs. Bail bonds are for the benefit of the people who have been arrested but they cannot afford to be in jail until the trail occurs. Bail bond agents work on a pretty simple premise. A bail bond is a guarantee that one will show up to court. The process is carried in a way that a person is arrested, the judge decides what type of the bail is and bail bond agents then pay a percentage to the court to allow the defendant to leave. The bail bond Greeley demands that the payment methods for posting bail be cash, check or money order. A non-refundable bond fee and a non-refundable bond booking fee are also required for the bail and if the surety bonds are used they must be completed by using the bonds person. If the person out on bail does not appear at their court dates, then the court will keep the bail payment that was paid. If the individual attends all the court dates then the person who paid the amount will have reimbursed conclusion that is provided by the court dates.


The bail agency:

The bail agency will guarantee that the person will be produced up to the court. If the person is produced in the court, then troubles starts because they want to get their money back. If the defendants are not shown for the court appearance, then bail amount is forfeited and the bail bonds are not always used. There are times when judge will release a defendant on his own recognizance. This means the bail agent will trust the person to show up to court and to flee before the court date. Depending upon the crime, the judge will consider this type of bail bonds. Bail bond agents act as a surety. They are third person that agrees to be responsible. The usual arrangement is that the bail agency will put certain amount of money towards the total bond and this is usually starts from ten percent. Unlike posting a cash bond themselves, they will not get this ten percent of the amount back because it is the fee that the agency charges for getting out of jail and putting up the guarantee that they will show for the trail. The bail bond Greeley process is bit confusing and complex, but the friendly bail agents are there to help them to get themselves or their loved one out from jail as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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