The Injuries and Actions that Lead to a Wrongful Death Attorney in New Jersey


A personal injury occurs when the negligence of one party causes an accident or injury to a second party. Car accidents are often the cause of personal injuries but there are also many other types. Slips and falls, dog bites, or negligence to their property are some ways that a person may become injured because of another person, company, or entity. When these injuries are so severe that they result in death, then their loved ones may be able to make a wrongful death claim. Attorney G. Martin Meyers explains that even if someone is not found guilty of a criminal offense, they can still be held responsible in a civil case.

Wrongful Death in New Jersey

New Jersey’s Wrongful Death Act and Survival Statute provides for the heirs and dependents of a person they lose to wrongful death to pursue compensation for their financial losses. While the death of a loved one is an emotionally difficult time, it often brings with it the addition of debt that coincides with a loss of income. When a family member loses the person who provided their financial support, the New Jersey law makes it possible for them to recover the loss of financial support they otherwise would have continued to receive.


Loss of Companionship

The wrongful death attorney in New Jersey can help you pursue compensation for loss of companionship, along with the value of services the deceased would have provided to a variety of household services. What you are not able to gain compensation from in a wrongful death suit in New Jersey are punitive damages and the loss of emotional pleasure. However, you may be able to receive compensation for the emotional distress of your loss through a separate tort action. Your wrongful death attorney in New Jersey can provide you with all of your options.

Medical Bills and Final Expenses

Even though your loved one may not have died soon after the accident, you may be left with significant medical bills for their short-term care. Injuries that are severe enough to cause death may first be treated in the hospital. Various emergency services, diagnostics, surgeries, and other medical treatments may be applied in an attempt to save your loved one. As a result, the medical bills are much higher than they would be for normal, non-critical treatment.

You will also be left with the responsibility for paying final expenses at a time when you simply don’t have the income to pay all of your bills. Your life has already been negatively impacted with the loss of your loved one. The wrongful death attorney in New Jersey will help you get the greatest compensation you deserve to take the financial burden off your shoulders and let you start planning your life without the person that you have always relied on. Even if you aren’t sure that it is a wrongful death case, schedule an initial consultation to talk over the specifics of the case and learn what options you have available to you.

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