The Immediate and Long-Term Benefits of Using Mediation Services


Mediation services continue to grow in demand for settling a diversity of legal disputes. The process offers a number of advantages to people involved in family disputes including divorce and the many issues related to divorce, as well as for businesses that disagree on terms of their contracts or other agreements.

Many of the benefits of mediation are obvious from the beginning of the process. Certified Mediator, Jeffrey M. Bloom, explains that most cases bring the two parties to a mutually acceptable resolution that is faster, less expensive, and less restrictive. The involved parties have control over the final outcome and they don’t have to wait and see what a judge will decide on their behalf. These are the known benefits of mediation but there are some others that you may not have considered.

Mediation is often successful but there is no guarantee that it will get the desired outcome. If the parties are unable to reach a resolution that they can both agree on, they are then allowed to go to litigation and have their case heard in court. Although you might think that an unsuccessful mediation is a waste of time and money, there can still be benefits to having tried to settle the dispute with mediation services first.


Protect Your Business

One reason that business owners choose mediation over arbitration is that they will retain control of the outcome. In arbitration, the decision is made by the arbitrator, or a panel of arbitrators, which becomes legally binding. Business owners may fear the damage that could be done to their business if an undesirable resolution is reached.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce is an especially sensitive issue that reflects the feelings of every member of the family involved. Children are especially vulnerable to the turmoil that results when their parents go from loving caregivers to bitter rivals in the courtroom. The problem with litigation is that the spouses enter court with a “Winner-Takes-All” frame of mind that becomes the driving force behind all of their actions. Even the best of parents fail to realize the impact of their actions on their children.

One of the biggest advantages to using divorce mediation services is that children are spared from the battle scars that often come from a courtroom trial. One of the reasons that parents are comfortable to go forward with the mediation process is that they know it is up to them to control the outcome. They will not have to accept the decision of a judge who they need to impress with evidence. Instead, they can focus on finding the best resolution for the kids.

How Mediation Services Provide Advantages into the Future

In many cases, the people who are experiencing a legal dispute will have to continue their relationships after the dispute is settled. Businesses rely on their suppliers, distributors, and other services to continue their operations. Parental relationships are the most essential to preserve since both parents will need to be an integral part of their children’s futures. Even though spouses can dissolve their marriage, parents are parents for life.

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