HGV Insurance – A knowhow

HGV is a heavy goods vehicle; a term that is used in the European union.HGV is a truck with a gross combination mass of around 3500 kilograms. In general, HGV insurance is developed in order to provide coverage for people who work with the Lorries or in the haulage industry. Insurance is vital for a business industry which is necessary for both legal and financial needs.

Types of HGV Insurance

Trucks which have a weight of more than 7.5 tonnes and up to a weight of 44 tonnes are usually covered under the HGV policy. Before choosing Insurance for heavy goods vehicle one must know the different types of insurance that come under Insurance for heavy goods vehicle policy. They are

  • Fire and theft by third party: This insurance covers the vehicle from the loss that is caused by the fire and theft. This is one of the cheapest insurance.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: This provides a comprehensive cover for the vehicle. This insurance comes with a high price tag.
  • Liability by the public: This insurance provides a protection from the liability that is claimed by the public.
  • Insurance cover for the contents in the vehicle: During the transportation if there is any theft or any kind of accidental damage happened for the contents in the truck insurance coverage is provided in such cases.
  • Protection with legal fee: If any individual claims a liability a large amount of money is spend as legal fee. This payment is covered by this insurance.


While choosing insurance we must also check the points and methods by which we can save the money. We can look into some points, by which we can bring the premium lowered.

If the premium is paid on annual basis this may help to lower the premium amount that should be paid.

If the previous year policy has no claims we should mention the same. This is because this might help to lower the cost of the premium.

The cost of coverage can be lowered by mentioning the security features of the HGV and the place where we park the HGV.

Employing regular drivers will be an added benefit. This may help to mention their names in the insurance thereby reducing the cost.

If security alarms are fixed in the vehicle this help to reduce the risk of theft thereby reducing the premium amount.

Proper level of protection is attained by choosing the correct insurance.

Before taking Insurance for heavy goods vehicle we can also check with the online quotes. Getting an online quote is easy in today’s market. While choosing a quote online it is easy to compare with the types of insurance that are available and it is possible to get the cheapest and the best one in market.

Whatever be the cover that we choose, the premium is calculated by the insurance company. This is based on the risk of damage or loss that may occur and the claim that may happen for its replacement and for the repair.

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