Finance Is The Wondrous Game

People and their popular perception of playing with this precious game playfully with pampered in interests of making money makes the huge blunder. They leap into the finance’s deep well without the know-how of either swimming in it or sustaining in it or either floating in its waters or to return back from it rescuing themselves. The paradox is that the complete charm of this finance is so entrapping that the breather never comes into picture. Once you have jumped into it you will either fully be flooded or disappeared or will emerge a victorious player on the pitch of finance. Such a stigma related to the finance is not an offence. Trusting this dense quagmire of thoughts attributed to it understandable. The landing of people into unknown terrains of finance’s ideology happens and it is taken for granted. Writers stay besmirched with it and general public sit on that so terribly that the distortion happens so fiercely and with fakeness. Entire attempt to idolize is just more into business of taking one’s senses to shattered islands where the gleam of all sorts of despair seems the most hopeful thing. The tragic tryst with finance happens not just once, twice, thrice, four times, five times but the count goes on until another mishap accentuates shamelessly the counting exercise further. This all in turn do just one task very accomplishedly and that is of creating the terror of finance.

The tyranny of finance

The tyranny of finance rules far and wide into minds, hearts and hands of people. That all to the extent none considers themselves normal enough to deal with it under their perfect senses. The tragedy tale does not end here but the trauma goes on in the story like more dilemma-stricken subpart of the story. When the situation of financial problems comes there are many steps to be followed to get away from that. It is understandable that people then starts delegating the finance issues to others. The dilemma of this entire episode is that who is to be given the charge of all this so much significant state of affairs. Thankfully the senses of people pop up to think that and the senses still stray them in successful way to stress them even more. The whole story begins again and along with it the set of quandary of decisions are left hanging in the air. The clueless public just sits and brood. And the pensive mode still horrifies them to ridiculous levels. Let’s go ourselves to befriend and embrace with open arms this terrific prodigy!

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