Divorce Mediator – An intelligent person


Divorce mediation is related to the best of both spouses in a couple as well as their children who want to split. In mediation, a couple hires a third party neutral mediator and he/she helps you resolve the issues. This is done so that the marriage may end in minimum cost and amicably. The mediator can tackle the following issues related to divorce:

  • Distribution of assets and liabilities
  • Custody of children and time of parenting
  • Child support and maintenance
  • Taxes
  • Retirement, and many more things

The divorce is a very painful process for the couple as well as the children. You need to look for a wise divorce mediator who has the following qualities:


An intelligent person

The mediator should keep the communication effective between the couple, take a reality check of the issues, brainstorm ideas, and teach empathy. The person should also be able to ease the process of decision-making. The person should concentrate only on issues concerned and do not let the couple get off track. Many couple often side track from issues and indulge in name calling, arguing, and bringing up sour memories.

The mediator should be neutral

The person should be neutral and should not support either one of the parents. It implies that the person is not called to advise the couple, but to make the process of divorce easier.

Ideas that should remain effective in long-term

The ideas given by the mediator should be formulated such that they remain effective even in the long-term. The free and open exchange of ideas frees up the spouses to settle the negotiations with faith.

An informed person

The mediator should educate you about the law so that you can take an informed decision. You must know about how law affects your particular circumstances and facts. This will let you know what would have been the result of you going to court with a separate lawyer for each spouse.

Your point of view of justice

A mediator should be able to understand the point of view of both partners and what the fair things according to both of them are.  They would let the couple know what things are actually just and what the court will rule out as unfair.

This will give you a practical view of the situation, the reality check of your circumstances and your assets at stake. This will also help you have a better vision of your family after divorce.

The mediator must be affordable

The main reason people hire a divorce mediator is to reduce the cost of divorce. You can look for a mediator who charges a flat amount for all the services and a free consultation for taking an estimate of your marital estate. Private mediators charge almost $250-$350 per hour for the time taken to conclude the mediation. It means the more you disagree, the more time you will take and hence the costs will increase. You must try to be calm and settle the divorce quickly.

It is the choice of all parties to go for mediation. You can conduct the sessions weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.


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