Divorce Mediation: A Better Way to End Your Marriage


Divorce is commonly thought of as a process through which couples end their marriage. Although this is basically true, there are also other people who are impacted by divorce, both by the outcome and the process. When families go through a divorce in court, it can have a lasting impact, especially on young children. Divorce mediation offers a number of advantages over court including:

  • Less Expensive
  • Control Over the Outcome
  • More Privacy
  • No Confrontation

The adversarial aspect of divorce in the courtroom often increases like a domino effect. As the process continues, more issues come into the debate and anger often increases. This also prolongs the process, meaning more stress on the spouses and their families while costing more money.


Divorce mediation is a much more cost-effective method of divorce in comparison to litigation for two reasons: For one, the hearings do not take place in the courtroom so there are no hourly attorneys’ fees or court costs. In many cases, the attorney will charge a flat rate for the process so the couple knows exactly what the cost will be without the surprises that often come at the end of litigation.

Another reason that divorce mediation is more affordable is that it is resolved in a much shorter period of time. Some amicable divorces are resolved in only one hearing while others may require two or three. In litigation, new issues and objections may come up that continue to extend the amount of time it takes to find a good resolution to the divorce.

Christina Saybrook of Saybrook Mediation service explains that “divorce mediation is a more positive process than litigation so that it takes the confrontation out of divorce and allows families to resolve their differences quickly and with the best outcome for all involved parties.

The Incentive for Divorce Mediation

The incentive that encourages every individual to use mediation instead of litigation may be different, but just as compelling. Some individuals want to prevent spending their savings on the divorce so that they end up with only a fraction of the savings they have worked on for years. Others may want to get their marriage resolved so that they can move on with their new lives and put their failed marriage behind them. The many advantages offered by divorce mediation give all types of couples and individuals the incentive they need to approach mediation with respect and a genuine effort to find the best resolution to their issues.

Finding a Mediator

In addition to the right attitude on the part of the spouses, a skilled mediator is also a key element to having a successful divorce mediation. That means finding a neutral who has a great deal of experience and who will take the time to truly understand the needs and concerns of each party. Every situation is different and a successful divorce mediator will have the expertise and the willingness to get to know your situation so they can guide you through a successful mediation process.


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