A Divorce Lawyer Debunks Some Common Misconceptions About Divorce


Divorce has become a much more common occurrence these days that it was in the past. Fewer couples are willing to stay bound to a spouse that they don’t feel they will be happy with because of the stigma of divorce or the impact divorce might have on their kids.

  1. The Kids Will Be Okay

Staying in an unhappy marriage is not good for you or the kids, especially if there is any type of hostility or abuse involved. However, ending your marriage can also have a negative impact on them, even if they don’t show the signs right away. The impact can be even more dramatic when the parents keep their differences hidden and the divorce comes as more of a surprise. In either scenario, the behavior of the parents throughout the divorce can make a big difference. Eidelman & Associates can provide you with a divorce lawyer who will get the best outcome for your children.

  1. The Wife Always Gets Custody

The train of thought has changed on how custody is awarded. Instead of assuming the mother is the parent that should have custody, the decision is made according to what is best for the child.


  1. What’s Mine Is Mine, What’s Ours Is Mine

The definition of marital property and the laws about how property will be divided differs by state. Even so, many people mistakenly believe that anything they enter into the marriage with will remain theirs while the property they have collected together should also be at least partially theirs. The fact is that the state laws will determine how the property is divided and whether the judge has any leeway in giving one spouse more favor than the other.

  1. Men Always Have to Pay Women Spousal Support

This is another area of divorce law that differs by state. In most states, alimony, or spousal support, may be paid to either spouse depending on the income of each, the length of time they were married, which one has the greatest financial obligations, and other factors.

  1. Every Divorce Has a Winner and a Loser

Once a couple makes the decision to get divorced, they often enter into court with a winner-takes-all attitude that can result in a long, aggressive legal battle. Each spouse believes that they can effectively prove that the divorce is the other spouse’s fault and that they will have to “fight” to get the settlement they deserve.

An even better way to keep the divorce process short and prevent it from eating up your savings is to go through divorce mediation. This will allow you to work out an agreement that you are both happy with and you retain control of the final outcome.

No one plans to get divorced and bring their dream of a lifetime together to an end. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict which marriages will work and those that will come to an end. When they do, getting the right divorce lawyer to guide you through the process will make it easier to get through it and start living the rest of your life. Consider taking the peaceful approach to divorce by hiring a divorce lawyer who also gives you the option of mediation.


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