Most Common Forex Trading Mistakes

There might be more than one reason for entering into forex, but by far most people become traders to make money. And not just a little money, but a LOT of money. It’s happened to others, so it can happen to you, right? I mean, trading forex isn’t exactly rocket science, but why can’t everyone win wildly when entering? Why do some people come out with huge profits while others end up losing? There are a few things you can be aware of to insure that you come out on the winning side of the team.

Forgetting to Learn Before You Begin

While it might not be rocket science, you do need a clear understanding of how the market works and how to set up your account before beginning. There is a lot to learn, and people who try to skip this step or minimize it make a lot of mistakes. There are so many places to educate yourself, that there’s no excuse not to. Go online and start following successful traders. Sign up for courses and study the market until you know exactly which direction you’ll take.

Lack of a Clear Plan

Forex Trading

You can’t really expect to become adept at trading forex without a clear and precise plan. WIthout a plan, you can’t expect to become successful. In fact, it’s safe to assume that you’ll lose all of your money if you begin trading without a plan. A trading plan is the strict set of rules that you set up for yourself. These rules, rather than emotion, are what governs every move in forex. To set up your own trading plan, begin by studying the charts. There are many types of charts, covering different time spans. Learn to watch the charts and see where the prices go, how the trends break, the direction that a trend might be traveling in. Compare the charts to important news events going on around the world that might have an affect on prices. Watch what types of events move the market; this will help you set up your own trading strategy.

Unrealistic Expectations

In many ways, the forex market is very similar to most things in life. You only get out of it what you are willing to put into it. That is true with learning, studying charts and setting up your own strategies. But another mistake that traders make is by not limiting their risk to a realistic amount that they can afford to lose. They have unrealistic expectations of how much and how often they can win. One major mistake is by investing too much of their money. After determining the maximum percentage of a total investment you can cope with losing, don’t stray from that amount. Trading by emotions (rather than a strategy) is a huge loser in forex. Along that same vein, over trading will end up with the same poor results.

Avoid these common mistakes and keep trading forex for the long run!


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