A Business Leader With A Defined Vision

Business managers and leaders are individuals that bring a lot of changes to the organizations or groups they are associated with. They are inspirational and motivating to the people with them. They think out of the box and introduce innovative changes in processes. This is why they become a role model to all and sundry. They are a perfect example for others to follow and trend setters in their own right.

One such business manager and leader that has made his presence and mark felt on the hotel and hospitality industry is Patrick Imbardelli. He has over 30 years of invaluable experience in the field of hotel and hospitality management. His efforts and work have made him bring in a positive contribution to the hotel and hospitality industry. He says that he dedicated and loves his work to such an extent that he always excels in making each project perfect.

He is a loving mentor and guide to people new to the hotel industry. He says that when it comes to the hotel and hospitality industry, the work looks daunting at first. Yes, staying in the hotel industry means there are a lot of challenges and you must be ready for them. At the same time, you will find the arena very interesting and exciting. He says that he has been lucky to have received good mentors and thanks to them this is where he is placed today.


He has been instrumental in the progress and the expansion of The Pan Pacific Hotel Group. He is responsible for this luxury hotel chain to receive a number of global awards. He is very focused when it comes to relationship building with his managers and staff. This is why they respect him and come to him for valuable advice and knowledge.

He likes to train newcomers to the hotel industry and teach them the importance of interpersonal skills. He says many people come to hotels and they are not the same. Some might be difficult to manage as they have very high expectations from you. You should be calm and cater to them with compassion. This helps you to win over their confidence and trust. The skills of course are not developed overnight however with practice and patience, you effectively are able to do well in your job he says.

He also believes in quality and excellent service. The guest should feel he has come to a home away from home. This is why The Pan Pacific Hotel Group has received awards for its service excellence in the industry. All 12 international locations are known for their high quality standards and this is the reason why the hotel group has emerged has one of the best in the world thanks to him.

Patrick Imbardelli is also well loved by his peers and sought after for his advice when it comes to business expansion and plans. He is a man with wisdom and an asset to the hotel industry in the USA and world today!


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