So you have decided that you are going to hire an auto accident attorney. However, before you proceed to hire one, you must know a few things. In addition, you must take the following documents along with you:

  • Insurance policy
  • Evidence of payments of premium
  • The information you exchanged with the other party at the accident spot
  • Information given by the police at the accident spot
  • Medical records
  • Tickets associated with the accident
  • Photographs, if you have any. The insurance company may have it if you do not have
  • Copy of statements given to the insurance company
  • Potential lost wages
  • Psychological records, in case you suffered an emotional attack due to the accident

What you should ask your auto accident attorney

You must gather maximum information related to your accident before you speak to an auto accident lawyer. You can ask an attorney the questions given below:


  • What is the percentage of practice dedicated to auto accident cases?
  • What is your experience in such cases related to auto accidents?
  • What is the general range of settlement in similar cases as mine?
  • How is the fee structured?
  • How much of the accident case will you yourself handle in my case?
  • What is my accountability for out-of-pocket costs?

Other things to note before hiring a lawyer

  • Initial discussion is generally free. Most people do not talk to a lawyer because of the high costs. However, a good lawyer will give a free initial consultation to talk about the essential facts to see whether your case is strong or not.
  • You must consult specialized lawyers, who have several years of experience in personal injury law.
  • Ambulance chasers are the lawyers who follow the ambulances to the hospital to find clients. It is illegal in most states. In case you receive a call from a lawyer immediately after an accident, beware and never hire that lawyer. Refer your family and friends for consulting a lawyer.
  • Expenses are the costs that the lawyer bears on your behalf if they have employed someone else to work for your documentation. You may discover these expenses later when the case is settled even if the attorney is charging you the contingency fee. You must enquire about these expenses beforehand.
  • If you have procured health insurance, you may have to pay the bills back to the insurance company that they paid on your behalf if you receive the compensation. Make sure your lawyer works in conjunction with you and the insurance company to get you maximum benefit.
  • Take a realistic estimate of the time your case will take. Lawyers who give you fake assurance of fast cash or quick settlement are generally liars. Personal injury cases do take time to settle.
  • Hire a lawyer who gives you a truthful opinion of your case. Do not believe an attorney who only talks about winning. These claims are bogus most of the times.
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