Advantages of Online Recruitment Tests

Technology has pervaded all aspects of business including recruitment. Online job sites have revolutionized the recruitment process providing greater efficacy for job hires.

Online recruitment is no longer the domain of the technologically savvy. This medium has become tried and tested and is now indispensable for hiring organizations. Online assessment test is an idea whose time has come in a definite manner.

Here are some benefits of online recruitment:

  • Reduced hiring time:

E-recruitment makes it possible for 24x 7 hiring and real-time interaction between employers and candidates. Within a few minutes, an employer can post a job on a job site and almost immediately get responses from candidates. The job post stays active for many days attracting CV’s of more candidates. Generally, e-recruitment is 70% faster on an average than traditional methods of hiring. Recruitment cycle is made faster including posting job, getting candidate CV’s and filtering of responses.

  • Reduction in cost of hiring:

Cost of advertising jobs and search for candidates on job sites has been found to be 90% lower than cost of traditional methods. Generally, for most businesses, cost of recruitment forms the highest expense. It involves not only costs of hiring but also for training and retention. Proper online recruitment can reduce all such costs. Online recruitment reaches a broader audience, enables electronic recording of files and provides electronicselection tools.

  • Wider reach:

In comparison to traditional methods which were bound by parameters like industry, geography, career level etc, online job sites have large database of candidates not bound by such parameters. This data base is updated regularly and has high quality, relevant content.

  • Cutting edge tools of filtration:

Leading job sites provide companies with latest filtration techniques which help them find potential candidates with most promise in the fastest, efficient and easiest way. They are provided numerous search criteria and cutting-edgesorting and screening tools.

  • Opportunity for employers;

Employers can make use of job advertisements to project a consistent company and brand image to prospective candidates. With the rush to hire top talent, candidates have preference about who to work for and thus, company information can influence response from candidate with good calibre.

  • Sophisticated tools for management:

The complete recruitment is managed from one particular location that permits employer chance for posting vacancies, receiving CV’s, screening and prioritizing candidates and contacting them while tracking all such activities from their individual space.

  • Enables confidentiality:

The company can keep its activities confidential. Employers can choose to search databases without posting jobs for vacancies of high security. They may even post a job, concealing the name of the company.

  • Permits proactivity:

The employer has full control over the recruitment process, is able to contact candidates in real time and does not need a middle agent to sift through, assess and select candidates. The employers are in the driving seat and can understand the market place much better.

  • Permits efficiency:

Online recruitment provides many tools like pre-employment screening, personality testing and screening of candidates to choose candidates who suit the culture and values of your organization. There are available many recruitment software packages which can be customized as per needs of your firm like platform online test.

These are some aspects about online recruitment.


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