How To Accumulate Financial Wealth?

When an individual choose a service provider such a general practitioner for his/her family, trust plays a critical role in laying the foundations of a good rapport. In the case of financial matters, the same trait can make or break financial advisor-client relationship. Experts in the financial world advocate that unscrupulous and unethical financial advisors have the ability to wipe out their unsuspecting clients’ savings. This is the reason why the question of a financial advisor’s trustworthiness has become even more relevant to people who intend to accumulate their financial wealth by investing in the financial markets.

In the opinion of Keith Springer, a prominent financial advisor and founder of Springer Financial Advisors in Sacramento, CA, says that there are numerous ways for people to make and lose money. Moreover, the investment market appears to invent new and innovative products on a daily basis, which appear to be more alluring to potential investors without realizing whether such financial products cater to the needs and objectives. Apart from this, these individuals are sometimes unaware of the inherent risks these investments carry and they can bear them. Further complicating the matter is that not every individual who invests in the financial markets have the identical needs and aspirations.

The President of this reputed SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm further explains that it is important for potential investors with practical understanding of the investment market to ask financial advisor questions on the relevant topics to determine their trustworthiness:


  1. Core Values

For investors, it is essential to determine the core values of the potential financial expert they intend to hire as an advisor. An honest, upright and straightforward professional will have no difficulty in being able to recite his/her core values to his/her client in order to establish his integrity.

  1. Payment Plan

An individual who intends to hire the services of a proficient financial specialist as an advisor need to have a clear understanding on how this professions wish to receive his/her remunerations for the services he/she render to his/her clients. It is imperative of all clients to be crystal clear on how much money their owe their advisors for their services.

  1. Level of Expertise

For own satisfaction and comfort, it is essential for all investors as clients look thorough into a financial advisor’s education, license and  professional certifications before taking an decision to hire him/her. Moreover, they should ensure that such a professional does not have a history of negative references with the regulatory authorities.

  1. Service

Investors need to ensure that they hear from their financial advisors at regular intervals on any developments that can affect their portfolio. These could include   a change in the stock price, an acquisition in the industry where they have put their money or a shake-up in the top management of the company whose shares they have purchased.

  1. Patience

A financial advisor should take out time to explain his/her recommendations on an investment scheme to his/her client patiently and clearly so that such an investor can make the right decision.

Keith W. Springer says all investors need to consider the above tips in order to establish a healthy relationship with their financial advisor.

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