7 Spellbinding Places to See in France for a Wonderful Vacation using a Travel Loan

Travelling is an excellent way to detox and spend time with your loved ones away from the pressure of day-to-day life. Whether you spend your time enjoying some outdoor activities or just playing around the beach, it helps you forget all your blues.

What is that one thing that holds us back from traveling? The universal answer is money.

Yes, money is very important but if that’s stopping you from living your dreams then, you need a solution! Travel Loan is the answer.

How do I Get a Travel Loan?

Just apply for Vacation Loan online by filling an application with required details and within 72 hours get the fund in your bank account. Travel Loan is nothing different; it is just a Personal Loan that you will use for expenses on air fares or train, accommodation, food and sightseeing, for self, partner, children, and family members. It is the best way out for a stress-free traveling.


It is available to salaried as well as self-employed persons. The eligibility criteria to avail a Personal Loan or Travel Loan for a salaried employee is, he/she should be aged between 25-53 years and earning minimum Rs.40,000. You’ll have to submit your bank statements from the last 3 months, proofs of identity and your current residence, and work experience documents. If you are self-employed, you’ll need your ITR documents instead of the above-mentioned work experience documents. All your documents will be verified by the bank, and on that basis you’ll get an approval for your loan.


Nowadays, many well-known travel firms have tied up with the financial companies and banks to offer attractive tour packages on easy instalments. It has made holidaying easier for the middle class families in India. Now it’s no more obligatory to make long plan and save for years in advance for touring.

Some banks offer amazing tour schemes on easy instalments at lowest interest rates on personal loan. They also provide instant approvals and fast disbursal.

With such enticing benefits, an international trip is not a distant dream anymore. Get a Travel Loan and visit the breath-taking places in France. The minimum average travel cost per person for a France trip is approximately Rs.1,40,000.

Vacationing in France

There’s a saying that you will never run out of things to see and do in France. Whether you follow a strict plan from start to finish or just like to go with the flow, you will fall in love with the beauty of France. Here are 7 amazing places to visit in France


Paris is renowned for the gorgeous Eiffel Tower along with marvellous architectural icons, the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, and the Picasso Museum. It offers exquisite cuisine, chic boutiques, stylish clothes, and priceless artistic treasures, making it a paradise for food lovers and shopaholics. Not to mention there are dozens of small museums and art galleries that you can explore when you’re here.

French Riviera

French Riviera, southeast coast of Provence, France, is sprinkled with world’s most stunning beaches and destinations. It includes Nice, Monaco, Saint Tropez, and Cannes. It’s a luxurious and extremely charming destination which will leave you awestruck.


It is a beautiful town that offers comfortable small city French atmosphere. This place is basically known for its palace, the remarkable Château de Versailles. Versailles Gardens and Fountains are excellent during the day, but a visit by night will offer you a unique sound and light show which you’ll cherish forever. You must also visit the Home and Museum of Monet.


Lyon is a cultural city that personifies that elusive French “art of living” – the fusion of all that makes life worthwhile and happy – food, wine, culture, friends and family. It boasts some 2,000 restaurants serving scrumptious value Lyonnaise cuisine. Here, you must visit Vieux-Lyon, the old town, the top of Fourvière hill and the basilica of Notre-Dame, with its beautiful golden statue of Mary watching over the city.


Strasbourg is the historic capital city of Alsace, the second best tourist city in France, after Paris. This place was given World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1998, is known for its mesmerising Gothic Cathedral and other artistic attractions like Barrage Bauban, Palais Rohan, St. Thomas, Grand lle, Palace of Europe, and Museums. It also hosts one of the best Christmas markets in Europe.


Avignon is an ancient town set on the River Rhone. It is a heritage site, full of history includes medieval monuments like the Palais des Papes, the cathedral, and the Pont d’Avignon. The primitive streets and ancient charm houses, passing through all its old and attractive squares, invites you for a stay beyond all your imagination. Here, you can spend your time wandering the picturesque surroundings, exploring the markets with hanging garden, relish food and wine at cool restaurants – you won’t get bored at all.


This place is known for its wine, spectacular landscapes, and medieval villages. It offers France’s most dazzling countryside. Burgundy is also a heaven for adventure lovers. You can paddle around through the Côte d’Or vineyards, hike the barren reaches of the Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan, relax in a canal boat along the Yonne waterways, or enjoy floating above in a hot-air balloon.

Vacationing is not just for the rich but it is for the passionate travellers who love to explore different places and make beautiful memories.

Take out personal loan for holiday and make some time from the busy schedules of your daily life and visit the beauty of the country and abroad.

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